Note for JNCIA


Alhamdulilah hari ini lulus ujian JNCIA di binus, sedikit share untuk yg mau ambil JNCIA. Ini ada bebrapa diantaranya materi yang bakal keluar waktu ujian JNCIA.

The forwarding plane implements policiers, stateless firewall filters and class of service.

A system log message is generated, confirming the transfer attempt

forwarding table contains only active routes
forwarding table is used to process transit packets

network permission

purpose of a forwarding class
– to assign traffic to output queues
– to identify traffic that should receive common treatment

three statement about terms in a policy
– the action is specified in a then statement
– terms are optional in a policy
– the match condition can be identified with a from statement

Routing engine are
control and monitor the chassis
manages the packet forwarding engine

ctrl + a to move cursor to the beginning of the field

field that found in an ethernet frame header

ebgp preference 170

benefits of class of service
– control congestion
– prioritize latency-sensitive traffic
– allocate bandwith for different classes of traffic

trace option on junos
– you can see the contents of the log by entering the show log < filename > command
– the file name and a set of flags may be specified when enabling traceoptions

export routing policies
– export policies can evaluate only active routes
– export policies can be applied to the forwarding table

in route filter a single prefix that can be configured within a policy

function of the protect-loopback filter is protect the packet forwarding engine

bandwith limit using class of service component Policing

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