About junos

1395318_587098931326740_193187127_nI’ve compared time necessary to load OS of three Juniper routers using Qemu GNS3 and Vmware. Vmware loads it ruffly 5 times faster. Also routing protocols are more stable on routers with Vmware. Some people where reporting errors due to keepalives timeout when Qemu is used. With vmware you can save more time during the junos boot up. Multiple machine you can use a linked clone which that featured in Vmware. But it takes more resource memori when using vmware.

6 thoughts on “About junos

    • dion says:

      mas image junipernya udah dapet nih,tadi search d google. cuma pas dicoba ga running2x, ya. di menu Qemu nya ga jalan jalan,mentok di BTX loader 1.00 BTX version is 1.02, udah sampe 10 menit tetep ga jalan jalan juga

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